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Title: IM, Me and You Part 2/?
Author: houseofsmith
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Rating: PG (for now)
Pairings/Characters: Roy/Jen.
Disclaimer: I do not own The IT Crowd.
Summary: Who says romance is dead?
Spoilers: ‘Friendface’ (S3E5)
Warnings: Sexual tension. Not-very-subtle dig at OK! magazine.
Authors Notes: I do have a reason why this chapter hasn't been posted sooner, many reasons in fact. I'm not going to go into them now. I had many positive reviews and comments about the first chapter, so I'd like to thank you all very much for enjoying it, and hopefully you've stuck around for chapter 2.

ps.. this cut had better work this time, last few times it's been playing up.

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While she watched her computer shut down, Jen Barber buttoned up her blue military coat and slipped on her black leather gloves. Smiling sadly as the computer screen faded to black, Jen picked up her bag and left her office.

“You off Jen?”Roy asked, glancing up quickly at her but not making eye contact.

“Um..yeah, I am.” Jen nodded, hitching her bag higher up her shoulder. Slowly, she walked closer to Roy's desk, her heels making a soft clapping sound on the floor. Roy kept his eyes fixed on the magazine in front of him, hoping that Jen would quickly leave.

“Why are you still here Roy? It's past 5, and a Friday. You don't like staying until 5 on a normal day.” The ginger woman asked, perching on the end of the table, Roy could feel her eyes burning into the top of his head. He was determined not look at her, he'd glue his eyes to the magazine if he had to. He could barely hear her call his name, so drowning was his concentration, it was only when she lightly patted his shoulder that he was brought back to his senses.

Don't stay too late then Trenneman. You know how that saying goes..all work and no play. Have a nice weekend.” Jen teased. Daring to glance up, Roy watched as his co-worker walked out of the room, a sigh he wasn't aware he had been holding slowly let itself out through his dry lips.

Picking up the magazine and closing it, shuddering as he saw the front cover. 'OK! magazine?! Why did I pick up this garbage? I hope Jen didn't notice.' Shuddering, Roy set the magazine aside and looked at the notepad that had been hidden underneath. Roy absent-mindedly twirled a black biro between his fingers as his eyes scanned the blank page, his brain frantically searching for the ideas he needed to put down. A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth as his hand moved, forming three words on the page;

Roy and Jen's Dinner


No sooner had Jen left the Reynholm Industries building did she have to take a few steps back, as the strong winter wind welcomed her outside. Bowing her head, she focused on fighting the elements and began to inevitably long journey home. Hugging her arms around herself in the hope of protecting herself against the harsh wind, she followed the streets until she found herself outside her apartment building, some 10 minutes later. Brushing her hair out of her face, she let herself into her flat, feeling very grateful to be home.

After peeling the gloves from her hands and her coat from her body, and hanging it up in the corridor, Jen walked towards her bedroom to change into more comfortable clothing. After pulling on a cream and blacked knitted jumper and denim jeans, she walked towards her door and picked up her mail before walking into the kitchen. Switching on the kettle, she sighed as she flicked through the envelopes; 'Bank. Junk. Junk. GP. Postcard from a friend. School reunion invitation.' Discarding the pile on the counter to be forgotten about, Jen grabbed a mug from the cupboard and milk from the fridge, pouring herself a cup of tea when the kettle finished boiling. Turning on the TV and letting the sounds of popular chart music fill the room, Jen settled down on the sofa and logged into Friendface, quickly becoming engrossed in the social activity had become addicted to.


Jen looked at the notification that had popped up on the screen. Her lips formed a smile when she clicked the blue bubble.

It's not a Friday without fish and chips, is it?

Author Note: Just something to tease you with. I'm going to write the next chapter now, so hopefully, you won't have to wait too long this time. Please read and review guys, let me know if I'm OOC, what you like, what you didn't, what you want to see. Thanks for taking the time to read.  :)
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