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I come bearing icons from the final episode! [02 Feb 2014|08:25pm]

These are about 98% Roy/Jen, because they got a glorious amount of screen time together in the final episode. If you like them, I can definitely do another batch of more "general" ones from 'The Internet is Coming.'


HERE @ pixelates
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[18 Mar 2012|09:47pm]

Hello everyone! I know I'm a little late to the game but i've made my first Roy/Moss fanvid and wanted to share it with you guys and hopefully you will like it :)

A little intro from me about my vidding.  I have been vidding for four years now, writing fanfiction for oh goodness 8 years. I mostly slash but have done videos for many different pairings. 

About this vid. It is a Roy/Moss vid to Train's Drive by and is kinda told from Roy's point of view.

Please let me know what you guys think!

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[22 Jun 2012|05:05pm]

Does anybody know what the red poster in the office with the spider lady in season three is? When you look at Channel 4's 'Explore the IT basement' it's between the office door and the door to Jen's office. It's not labeled. What is it, where does it come from and where can I get this? It's awesome.
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IT Crowd tees, anyone? [24 Jun 2012|10:03pm]

Hello, all!
First-time poster, here.

Maybe I'm the last to find this tee distributor's site, or perhaps something similar has already been posted in the past. (In this case, my apologies!) If not, I stumbled upon some pretty amazing IT Crowd tees, and thought I'd share!

Flipping awesome!
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"skull-weapon Johnson" [14 Dec 2011|08:01pm]

Shadows of the Damned's Johnson based on IT Crowd's Moss
This isn't exactly regular news, but we were tickled by it, and we think you'll be tickled too. Shadows of the Damned's garrulous transforming skull-weapon Johnson is, despite his physical appearance, based on a character from classic Brit comedy The IT Crowd.
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fanart [30 Nov 2011|09:22pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Hello, this is my IT Crowd fanart. I think that maybe you like it. Enjoy

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icons [21 Aug 2011|05:24pm]


20 icons here @ onsilverscreens
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10 The IT Crowd Gifs [23 Jul 2011|11:45am]

10 IT Crowd Gifs
Also included in this post:
35 TBBT Icons
2 Picspams (TBBT, Gulliver's Travels)
1 Gif: TBBT


Find here @ kigurumisisters!
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icons [17 Jul 2011|01:55pm]


+ a few more over here @ onsilverscreens :)
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Gifs [24 Jun 2011|06:04pm]


Got a couple of Roy and Moss gifs up at my graphics journal!
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Bad news, guys. [21 Jun 2011|11:25pm]

There's a very good chance that the next series of The IT Crowd is to be the last. ):

In the link there's also a video of the full interview with Chris O'Dowd.
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Roy and Jen [26 Apr 2011|04:13am]

Originally posted by eclectique_rdf at Roy and Jen

A Roy and Jen moment I just had to screen cap and edit :P
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Fic: Fringe Visitors I: The Letters! THE LETTERS, Roy! (The IT Crowd and Fringe) [08 Apr 2011|10:40pm]

Title: Fic: Fringe Visitors I: The Letters! THE LETTERS, Roy! (The IT Crowd and Fringe)
Genre: Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: Maurice Moss, Roy Trenneman, Olivia Dunham, Astrid, Walter
Disclaimer: I do not own nor make any claim in any respect regarding the TV shows The IT Crowd or Fringe or any aspect or character thereof.

Summary: Moss and Roy take a trip to Fringe Universe. Roy's motive is totty-based.
Spoilers: Reynholm Denholm spoiler for Season 2, careful if you love him passionately as I do.
Warnings: IT Crowd/Fringe crossover. Reynholm Denholm spoiler for Season 2, careful if you love him passionately as I do. Slight reference to The Adjustment Bureau.

Posted to oonaseckar

I told you this wasn’t a good idea, Roy. Just because you discover a wormhole between one universe and another, it doesn’t mean you have to use it. Like my mum always says, when your Auntie Sheila gives you a handknitted balaclava for Christmas, smile, say thank you and put it with the others! It doesn't mean you have to wear it. Unless you're planning a bank-raid.'


'Are you planning a bank-raid, Moss?' The Irishman sounded patient, an excellent impression borne of long practice.


'No. Why would you ask me that?'



'We're playing Buckaroo with the fabric of the universe and the horseshoes are about to go flying!'Collapse )
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2 pictures of the bastard from "Fifty-Fifty" [05 Apr 2011|03:04am]

Just sharing the joy it gives me :)))

High resolution and the other picture in my graphics journal.
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[22 Feb 2011|07:29pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Title: IM, Me and You Part 2/?
Author: houseofsmith
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Rating: PG (for now)
Pairings/Characters: Roy/Jen.
Disclaimer: I do not own The IT Crowd.
Summary: Who says romance is dead?
Spoilers: ‘Friendface’ (S3E5)
Warnings: Sexual tension. Not-very-subtle dig at OK! magazine.
Authors Notes: I do have a reason why this chapter hasn't been posted sooner, many reasons in fact. I'm not going to go into them now. I had many positive reviews and comments about the first chapter, so I'd like to thank you all very much for enjoying it, and hopefully you've stuck around for chapter 2.

ps.. this cut had better work this time, last few times it's been playing up.

x-posted to  [info]theitcrowd_fic and houseofsmith 

“Don't stay too late then Trenneman. You know how that saying goes..all work and no play. Have a nice weekend.”Collapse )

Author Note: Just something to tease you with. I'm going to write the next chapter now, so hopefully, you won't have to wait too long this time. Please read and review guys, let me know if I'm OOC, what you like, what you didn't, what you want to see. Thanks for taking the time to read.  :)
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Picspam: Tall, Dork, and Handosome [21 Feb 2011|07:58pm]


My top 5 tall, dorky, and handsome characters. Featuring Roy.
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(Moderating cont.) [05 Nov 2010|09:42am]

(It's a good job I just did that... the first post I had to moderate - was spam!)
REJECTED. Mwahaha.
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Moderator Post [04 Nov 2010|12:35pm]


Hey guys - we've had a few spam posts on here recently so I've set the entries to moderated for a while.

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[10 Oct 2010|07:55pm]

7 the it crowd, black books, the mighty boosh, life on mars
+ assorted icons

here @ studfarm
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"restaurant" [29 Sep 2010|01:20am]

The more observant of you here would have seen Jen- who plays Katherine Parkinson in real life- in "Whites" earlier today, a BBC One sitcom about a restaurant chef, starring Alan Davies.

Any thoughts?
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